Corporate Profile

Continuous and reliable supply of electricity and infrastructure is required for India’s socio-economic development. Due to heavy industrialization and urbanization, a systematic expansion of the infrastructure and electricity generation / transmission / distribution facility developments are imperative to cope with household demand. At the same time, economic growth will hinge on the provision of adequate infrastructure and reliable power to vital sectors like industry, housing, agriculture, tourism and transport sectors to which the government of India gives high priority. Against this background, the Government of India has made the expansion of infrastructure and power sectors and planning to start smart cities and industrial zones are one of its priorities under its National Development Plan, which outlines the country’s development agenda over coming years.

In these circumstances The FEPE emerged with an objective to capture the market share speciallyin newly emerged Governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in particular and India in general by providing quality services and timely completion of planning and execution of electrical and civil projects. The team of FEPE consists of qualified and experienced professionals.

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